Custom Logout Option


The platform offers three logout options that can be enabled by our support staff.  All three options can be set for all children accounts, or specific accounts only.  Please specify when making the request to support.

  1. User Account Logout Only (Default)
  2. Full Logout (User and General Accounts)
  3. Custom Logout URL


1.  User Account Logout Only

This is the default behavior for all accounts unless you have directed support to enable options 2 or 3 below.


Clicking on the Logout option in the header will only log you out of your user account.  You will be returned to the homepage, and remain logged into the platform under your account's general user.


2.  Full Logout

This logout option will log any user completely out of the platform once enabled.  If you are currently signed in with a user account, clicking Logout will take you to the main login page as you will be completely logged off the platform.


If you are logged in as the general user account only, you will still be able to click on the logout option in the header and be completely logged out of the platform.


3.  Custom Logout URL

This logout option allows you to specify a URL to redirect all users to once they click the logout link in the header.



To enable this feature:

  1. Please contact our support department and request to have the Custom Logout URL feature enabled for your account.
  2. If you represent a district or consortia, please specify if you would like all child accounts to redirect to the same URL.
  3. If you don't have a specific URL you would like everyone to be redirected to, we can set this feature up to redirect to the platform login page.
  4. Platform logout URL example:
  5. Once enabled, when any user clicks the Logout link in the header of the platform, they will be completely logged out of their personal account, and the general account, and redirected to the URL specified.



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