My Saved Reports: Saving & Scheduling Reports


All Usage Statistics reports allow saving and scheduling options, which can be managed via the My Saved Reports tab in the Usage Stats section.


Saving Reports



  1. You can save any Premade or Custom Report by clicking on the Save button.
  2. Once clicked, a pop up will appear, which will allow you to name the report.
  3. A generic report name will be assigned automatically, or you can rename it.
  4. Once saved, the report can be accessed via the My Saved Reports tab, where it can be re-run, edited, scheduled or deleted.


Scheduling Reports



All saved reports can also be scheduled to be delivered via email at designated intervals. You can either schedule it right from the report page itself, or from the My Saved reports. Scheduled reports allow for the following options:

  • Status: Active or Inactive
  • Frequency: Monthly, Calendar Year or Academic Year
  • Email To: The recipient(s) of the emailed report
  • Email Subject: Optional custom subject line for the email
  • Email Body: Optional custom body text for the email
  • File Format: CSV or Excel


My Saved Reports


The My Saved Reports page will list all of your Saved and Scheduled reports in a table format, offering the following options:

  • Report Name: Click here to access and edit the report
  • Report Type: The report template type
  • Date Added: The creation date of the report
  • Schedule: The current schedule status of the report (Schedule, Scheduled, Reschedule)
  • Delete: Allows you to delete the saved/scheduled report.
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