Email Notification Preferences


Once you have signed in or created a user account, you can opt in to receiving monthly new title emails. The notifications section shown below can be accessed from the my profile menu. Click on the user icon in the header and select My Profile.

Once you are on the My Profile page, you may set subjects of interests using the multi-select box. Click on the Edit icon in the top right-hand corner to edit your email notification preferences.

Clicking into the field will open a drop down and allow you to select one at a time. You may continue to select as many subjects as you see fit. Multiple selections will be represented as separate pills as shown below:


There are currently two options for receiving monthly new title emails, and monthly newsletters and other important system information. Check the the box to opt in to receiving these emails.

Once you have finalized your changes, click the Save Changes button in the bottom right-hand corner.

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