Setting User Preferences - My Account Settings


Setting user preferences is only possible once logged in with a user account.  Once you are logged in, you can access the user preferences section by clicking on the user profile icon at the top of the page.  Click on My Account Settings from this menu to access your preferences.



The following options are available inside My Account Settings:


Default Settings

  • Default Google Translate Language - Set the primary language used by Google translate.
  • Default Citation Type - Set the default citation format that will appear first when accessing the citation tab. 
  • Default Embed Code Size - Set the default embed code size that will be used for the embed code tab.
  • Default Standard Set - Set the default standards for your location off of this drop-down menu
  • Closed Captions - Set all videos to always start displaying closed captioning when playing, and various display settings such as font size and color.


Page Tools

All page tools are set to active by default.  Use your mouse to drag page tools up and down to reorder them.  This will change the order you see them in from left to right on the player page.  Moving page tools over to the left side using the middle arrows will remove them from view on the player page.

  • Share - Controls the visibility of share options on the player page and search results.
  • Add To - Allows content to be added to my favorites or my playlists.
  • Citations - Controls the viewing of the citations on the player page.  Citations are currently offered in MLA, APA and Chicago Manual of Style.  An export to EasyBib option also exists on this tab.
  • Custom Segment - Controls the visibility of the custom segment tool on the player page.
  • Standards - Controls the viewing of the standards lookup on the player page.



  • Send me monthly new title emails - Opt in or out of monthly new title emails.
  • Send me monthly newsletters and other important information - Opt in or out of monthly newsletters and other important system messages.
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