Editing Playlists


The Playlist Editing page contains the following features and functionality:



  1. Video/Audio player - Displays the first item in your playlist.
  2. Save Changes button - Once you have made your desired changes, click on save changes to commit those changes.
  3. Preview button - Returns you back to the Playlist Viewer page.
  4. Playlist Title - Editable field to modify the playlist name.
  5. Playlist Notes - Editable field to modify the playlist notes.
  6. Thumbnail - Allows you to set a Thumbnail for your playlist, either by selecting the current frame from the player or uploading a custom image file.
  7. Content Tab - Allows you to modify the sequence of the playlist items and/or remove items.
  8. Intro Tab - Allows you to upload a custom video file to display at the beginning of your playlist.
  9. Settings Tab - Includes custom options such as Enable Continuous Play, Enable HD, and Make Playlist Searchable. It also provides options to add Subjects and Grades to your playlist for improved searchability.
  10. Now Playing tab - Contains the title and metadata for the active playlist item.
  11. Related tab - Contains links to content that is relevant to the items in the playlist.
  12. Share tab - Contains sharing options such as Playlist URL, Playlist Code, and Email Playlist function and options to share the Playlist to third party sites like Google Classroom.
  13. Citation tab - Allows you to create citations for the active item in the Playlist. 



For more information about using playlists, see the following articles:

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