Overview of Topic Centers


Overview of Topic Centers


Topic Centers provide an easy way to surface ready-to-use K-12 supplemental content. Within an extensive library of content assets, topic centers provide a curated repository for aligned resources for classroom instruction. Currently, there are 50 Topic Centers across Elementary and Middle/ High Schools.


  • 24 STEAM
  • 12 Social Studies
  • 11 Literacy
  • 3 Community Building

The topic centers are dynamic by grade band. Counts will vary by user. Please check your administrator settings to adjust visibility. For Elementary Users, the following topic centers are visible.


  • 24 STEAM
  • 10 Social Studies
  • 9 Literacy
  • 2 Community Building


For High School Topic Centers, the following topic centers are visible.

  • 13 STEAM
  • 11 Social Studies
  • 7 Literacy
  • 3 Community Building


Within each topic center, there are aligned videos, audio files, interactives, and printables. There are at least 4 of each asset within each asset type for a total of 20- 40 assets in each topic center. Asset counts may vary. Please check your administrator settings to adjust visibility.


How to Find Topic Centers 

There are 6 ways to find Topic Centers.

  1. Homepage icon
  2. Three line menu
  3. Sliders
  4. Keyword Search
  5. Advanced Search
  6. Within Video details

You can read more about each discovery point here.


Topic Center Homepage

The Homepage icon will bring you to the Topic Center landing page. We recommend confirming that you are on your All District page for optimum visibility.


Topic Center Landing Page

On the landing page, you will notice individual tabs labeled by category. There are four categories of topic centers: STEAM, Social Studies, Literacy, and Community Building categories. Select a tab to view the topic centers within each category. The individual topic centers are arranged in alphabetical order. Select an individual topic center to view the curated, aligned assets. 


Individual Topic Center

Within each Topic Center, you will find curated videos, interactives, audiobooks, and printables. These assets can be viewed in the slider and through list view. Asset counts are displayed in both views. Asset counts may vary as new content is added. Suppression rules in the administrator portal may affect asset counts. 


How to Leverage Topic Centers

Topic Center assets can be downloaded as Excel sheets and converted into sliders in the administrator portal. To learn more about slider creation, click here.


Individual assets from Topic Centers can be added to folders, playlists and assigned to Google Classroom. Learn more about how to utilize folders, create playlists and assign to Google Classroom here


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