Creating Custom Segments


Anyone who is logged in with a personal user account has the ability to create and save their own custom segments. Custom segments provide another level of customization, allowing you to create the perfect segment that best meets your needs. When you create a custom segment, you are creating a virtual segment using in and out points of the video. These segments do not alter the original video and are not downloadable. Segments that are created are visible on the segments tab of any video they were originally created from, at the bottom of the segments tab.


All custom segments are stored in your My Content section and can be organized into folders.


Custom Segments Can Be Created From:


  • Video (Full Titles and Segments)
  • Custom Content
  • Feature Films (Canadian Customers who subscribe ONLY)




Custom Segments Cannot Be Created From:


  • Web Channel Videos




Creating Custom Segments:


Custom Segments can be created on the view media page using the Custom Segment page tool.


If you do not see the Custom Segment page tool, please refer to this article on setting user preferences to verify that you have the Custom Segment page tool enabled.


  • Set Start Time - Play the video to the point in which you wish to start your custom segment from and then pause it. Click the Set Start Time button to save that point in the video. You should see the run time populate the box to the right of this button.
  • Set End Time - Repeat the steps above to save an end point for your custom segment.
  • Set Thumbnail - You can use the scrub bar in the video to move the player to any position within your segment. Once you have a place where you would like to capture a default thumbanil image, click the Set Thumbnail button.
  • Title - Enter a title for your custom segment (required).
  • Description - Enter a description for your custom segment (optional).

Custom segments will display below the list of pre-created segments on the player page. Your segments will also be saved to your My Content section and can be organized into folders.


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