Add to Favorites


Learn360 content can be added to favorites from search results or the media pages.  Options exist to add new favorites directly to folders or create a new folder at the time you save a new favorite.  


What Can Be Added To Favorites:

All of the core Video content can be added to favorites.  You can view a complete list of all types and sub-types inside the Advanced Search section.

  • Video (Full Titles and Segments)
  • Audio
  • Interactives
  • Custom Content
  • Web Channels


What Cannot Be Added To Favorites:

  • Custom Segments (Saved in My Content directly)


Using My Favorites:

Every user account starts out with an Unassigned folder by default. This folder cannot be edited or deleted, unlike other folders you may create. Favorites can be added to the unassigned folder at any time and moved into a new folder at any time.


Content can be added to favorites using the Add To page tool.  This page tool can be found on all search results and media viewing pages when the content type is supported.  Click on the Add To link to view the Add to Favorites interface.



If you have created additional folders inside My Content, or previously when saving favorites, you can select additional folders from the Add Item to Folder drop-down.  New folders can be created on-the-fly by entering text in the second box and clicking the New Folder button.  This will save the favorite into the new folder automatically.



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