Audio Descriptive Titles


We now have Audio Descriptive titles on our video platform!

Audio Description, also referred to as a video description, described video, or more precisely called a visual description, is a form of narration used to provide information surrounding key visual elements in a media work for the benefit of blind and visually impaired.


All Audio Descriptive titles are easily identified with a AD icon located next to the title on the search result page.




You can also view AD titles from the Advanced Search page.  Scroll to the bottom to Additional Features and make sure that "Only show videos with audio description" is checked off.



Once you're on the player page, you will see a AD icon below the player. Click the AD icon to turn on the Audio Description feature.  You will know that it's enabled when you see the volume bar next to the AD icon. To turn off AD, simply click on the AD icon again. The volume bar will no longer be viewable.


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