Learn360 Desire2Learn (D2L) LTI


Customers using the Desire2Learn (D2L) learning management system can embed content from On Demand directly in their courses.  

The remote plugin provides a rich integration between Learn360 and your D2L courses.  Users of D2L will now be able to embed Learn360 resources directly inside their courses, without having to leave the LMS.  This new plugin is LTI based and integrates directly into the Insert Stuff button found wherever the HTML editor is within D2L. 


Benefits of D2L

  1. Quick and easy setup and installation.
  2. Seamless user experience that allows users to embed Learn360 content directly into D2L courses, without leaving D2L.
  3. Usage statistics are recorded within Learn360.


Embedding Learn360 Content into D2L

Once installed, Learn360 resources may be embedded using the standard Insert Stuff button found inside D2L.  Any content block that loads the HTML editor will have this button. 


To Begin:

1.  Click on the Courses Menu on the top of the screen and select a course where you would like to insert Learn360 content.




2. Once you're in your selected course, open the options button and click on edit. Once you click the edit button, the HTML editor screen will display. This is where you will be able to add Learn360 Content.





 If you don't have any courses set up yet, you can add one by clicking on the "+ New Unit" button as shown below. You're new course will now show up with a colored tab.



 Click on the below button to launch the Insert Stuff window:




Scroll down to Learn360 and click.  This will open the Learn360 search screen.




Enter a keyword or phrase in the box and click Search.  Your search results will display like the below image.




The search results page offers several functions below:


1. Filter by content type tabs (if there isn't any content for your search, you will not see that tab display: 

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Printables
  • Audio
  • Interactives

2. Sorting and Filtering Options:

  • Filter by Subject
  • Filter by Producer
  • Format: Titles and segments
  • Source Type- Learn360 or Web Channels
  • Grade
  • Type
  • Language
  • Copyright

3. Pagination- located on the bottom of the results.

4. Preview- Use the preview link to view the video before deciding to embed it.  If you decide that you don't want this title, click back to results to choose a different title. If you do choose to use this title, you can pick your embed option from this page.


5. Embed- Use the embed button to insert the selected media title into D2L. You can see the different embed options above. Once an embed options is selected, click the Next button


You will be taken to a preview page as shown below.  Click the Insert button to embed this resource into D2L.



Once you have finished editing your content block in D2L, click on the save button. Your content is now embedded and can be played directly from D2L.


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