Learn360 Schoology/Powerschool LTI App Overview



Customers using the Schoology/Powerschool learning management system can embed content from Learn360 directly into their courses. All of our video tutorials were created to be used used throughout all of our Infobase products.

The LTI app provides a rich integration between Learn360 and your Schoology/Powerschool courses.  Users of Schoology/Powerschool can embed Learn360 resources directly inside their courses.  This plugin is LTI based and integrates directly into the standard Schoology/Powerschool HTML editor and the Add Materials menu within a course.


  1. LTI based application that does not require any user account maintenance within Learn360.
  2. Quick and easy setup and installation.
  3. Seamless user experience that allows users to embed Learn360 videos, and your own custom content resources directly into Schoology/Powerschool without leaving the LMS. 


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