Importing Classes with Google Classroom


If you have a school or districtwide subscription and your administrator has set up SSO with G Suite for Education, you can import your Google Classroom rosters into your Learn360 account.

*Your Google domain super administrator must install and set up the SSO app for your domain before you can begin using Google Classroom rostering.

  • Once you're logged in to your user account, please click on your name to open the drop-down menu.
  • Choose Classes from the menu



If you are a Teacher and have not created any classes, you will be taken to this screen:




Your students will see this screen and need a class code to join a class:




As a teacher, you will be prompted to import any Google Classroom rosters that you may have. Once imported, corresponding classes will be set up in your Classes folder.

If you've already imported classes, you will see them in your Class folder and also be able to create or import additional classes by clicking on the Create or Import Class button.



From the next screen you will be able to create an Infobase Class and then click create or Import directly from Google Classroom.


You'll be asked to login to your Google Account associated with Google Classroom and then you can select the classes that you would like to import.  If you've already imported the class, it will be grayed out and you will not be able to select it.  Once you click Import Selected Classes, you will receive a pop up notification that the class has been added.





To remove or edit the class, click on the Class name in your Classes folder.



Here you can:

  • Edit the name of the class
  • View Students in the class
  • Sort by Type, Creation Date and Assignment Status
  • Remove the Class

Once you import a class, the students will receive a new class notification when they login.





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