Share to Google Classroom


If you are using Google Classroom, you can now incorporate content from the platform into Classroom courses with the click of a button.  Sharing to Google Classroom is offered as a free service.


Content can be shared with Google Classroom using the Share link on the search results page, or from the player page.  Click on the Share tab and then the Share To sub-tab as shown below.



Click on the Google Classroom button to add this title.  You must have a Google Classroom account to use this service.


If you are not already logged into Classroom, you will be prompted to sign in to that Google account.  Once you have successfully signed in, you will be presented with a drop-down to choose a class.



After selecting your desired course, you will be presented with another Choose action drop-down menu.  This menu allows you to select between the following actions that can be taken with the content you are choosing to share:

  • Create assignment
  • Ask question
  • Make an announcement


Once you have made a selection, click the Go button to proceed.


If for example, you selected Ask question, you would be presented with the below example.  Google Classroom automatically pulls in the title of the content you are embedding.  This is a text field that can be changed.


You can optionally leave additional instructions and modify the due date.


For all three actions, Google Classroom will present you with the same thumbnail of the login page.  This link will still redirect you to the selected title to watch and does NOT take you the actual login page.  Because the platform requires authentication to access, Google is not able to grab a thumbnail from the actual player page.



Clicking the Ask button will post the title to your class.  You will be taken to a confirmation page with a View button to allow you to view your course.  The most recently shared action will appear at the top of your course as shown below:


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