Follett Destiny One Search Integration


This article provides instructions for setting up and searching Learn360 using Follett Destiny One Search.

Adding Learn360 to Follett Destiny One Search



  1. Click on Search Setup
  2. Locate the One Search Database Information Section
  3. Click on Edit button
  4. Click on Edit Databases
  5. Locate Learn360 and click Edit
  6. Enter your Vendor ID and click Save

Searching Learn360 on Follett Destiny One Search

Once setup, Learn360 will be available as a searchable database and content will returnable via One Search. To include Learn360 in results, or to search Learn360 exclusively:

  • Make sure the Include Online Resources checkbox is checked (located just below the search filters on the Power search tab)
  • Make sure that Learn360 is included as one of your checked resources


Once you have selected your resources, enter a keyword and click on the Search button to perform your search and review your results:


In this case, Learn360 returned 164 results. If you are satisfied with this result set, click on the Show button.


The full results set will then display. Click through on a result to be taken to that particular media page within the Learn360 platform.

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